Sunday, February 25, 2007

Can you imagine just smelling these???

IF YOU QUIT SMOKING NOW...............

typically these results might vary
between us HOWEVER
: Interestingly,
within 20 minutes of your last cigarette,
Your blood pressure and pulse drop to normal!
The blood circulation in your hands and feet improves! Wow!

After eight hours:
The level of carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal!
The oxygen level in your blood returns to normal!

After one day:
Your chance of experiencing a heart attack is cut in half!

After 2-3 days:
Your nerve endings begin growing again!
Your senses of smell and taste improve!
Cilia begins to clean out your lungs!

After 2-3 months:
General blood circulation improves.
Shortness of breath decreases!

After 1-9 months:
Coughing, sinus congestion and fatigue decreases!
Your energy level increases!
Cilia re-grow in your lungs increasing your body's ability to reduce the potential for infection.

After 5 years:
Your risk of developing lung cancer is cut in 1/2!

After 7-10 years:
Your risk of developing lung cancer drops to that of a nonsmoker!
Your risk of developing other cancers decreases!

Those are impressive scientific changes that are dramatic! During a stressful time such as giving up an addiction, we have to boost our immune system with extra nutrients so our body can heal itself! You can do it! Say this...." I WANNA LIVE!!"
Oh yeah, guess what?? Having just one cigarette and the process starts ALL over! Oh darn!

To help your body in Health Recovery from a very stressful and toxic lifestyle, see how you can cheat your way to back to health!!! There is a way to alleviate your toxic withdrawl symtoms!! Say YES, to a daily green drink!

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