Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Smoking Athlete?

This article is interesting. Those smoker's who actually DO exercise may be putting at bay the harmful devastation ahead from the consequences of this vice. The protective effects from exercise can even stall the harmful outcome from almost any vice I say! Some are addicted to sugar and are shooting themselves in the foot that way! Exercise and healthy food consumption is a powerful deterrent! But is that something worth banking on to continue that vice? I think NOT. Note to self: Smoker's will never be OK with leaving this earth and those they LOVE earlier than they have to. Stop while there is time. SAVE yourself NOW!
Another interesting note of possible protection from lung cancer for the smoker is "a" glass of red wine! Full of antioxidants and may just be the thing to ward off the predicted doom of lung cancer! Check it out. I say quit NOW and save yourself and if you are NOT an alcoholic then indulge in a simple glass a few times per week for the health benefits!