Saturday, June 20, 2015

Half of all Cancers linked to that Smoking Habit!

In the 1980s we were told that 1/3 of all cancers were from smoking!  Well, it's bad news, we are now up to 50% of cancers annually, that could have been avoided due to smoking alone!  We never want to see into our future when we start to reap the consequences of this misery to come upon us do we?  It's going to help our attitude when we get some diagnosis to know that genetics or bad luck can't take the blame.  No mystery here folks smoking causes cancer in a high impact way.  To be fair 35% of all cancers is from DIET alone, and drink!  They reported in Congress back in 1980's that only 2-3% of cancers were gene related.  Family history is one thing but does NOT mean we too will succumb because we need that toxic carcinogen EXPOSURE to cause any trouble.  Bigger chance of a 10% link to environmental toxins, chemicals and poisons that get sprayed in the air, poisoning the water and soil and/or chemical additives in food and drugs than any family genes getting the credit! 

And you were going to blame old Aunt Mable   R.I.P. !   We gotta SAVE OURselves!