Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Smoking is a SUBTLE suicide really....

This is how I imagine the paths of heaven to be. Do you like it? I hope so because you will be there, far before your time because those are the perks of lighting up, day after day. Oh sure, "so what," you say, "who cares" until you put your family through the misery of your foolishness. Who do you suppose shall care for you during your slow agonizing death? Yep, the people who love you most and shall be most hurt at your crossing over. Your spouse, who can't live without you, your crying children or sobbing grandchildren at your death bed. All because living in denial (that smoking will rob us from anything!)

Guess who else it's hurting? The children who are afflicted by smoking parents! ex:Asthma, bronchitis. chronic colds and flu.

The Smokers themselves will have some choices in death though. Cancer of some kind and or Emphysema, (each breath sounds like your last for about 10 years. ) You can expect a hospital bed in the living room say the last 5 years of your life. And some family member pushes you around in a wheelchair while you push the oxygen tank. Oh yeah, you won't be driving either. I hope you have someone in your life who really thinks you are neat! You are gonna need it. But if you are lucky, perhaps just sudden death by MI. Or, you can always have high blood pressure and (guys)be impotent too! That's not very noticeable to others....clogged arteries that is. Clogged arteries = erectile dysfunction! Stop smoking and watch your blood pressure and cholesterol drastically improve!

I'm a little hard on this I know. It is one of the single most powerful destructive vice we can have. No time is good to needlessly "split" on the family. Smoking could be the single most powerful thing you stop too.

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Back to health recovery......

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JUST Don't be caught DEAD without Jesus!


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