Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Can you imagine how these smell? Smokers can't detect the aromas so well...

IF YOU QUIT SMOKING NOW...............

typically these results might vary
between us HOWEVER
within 20 minutes of your last cigarette,
Your blood pressure and pulse drop to normal!
The blood circulation in your hands and feet improves! Wow!

After eight hours:
The level of carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal!
The oxygen level in your blood returns to normal!

After one day:
Your chance of experiencing a heart attack is cut in half!

After 2-3 days:
Your nerve endings begin growing again!
Your senses of smell and taste improve!
Cilia begins to clean out your lungs!

After 2-3 months:
General blood circulation improves.
Shortness of breath decreases!

After 1-9 months:
Coughing, sinus congestion and fatigue decreases!
Your energy level increases!
Cilia re-grow in your lungs increasing your body's ability to reduce the potential for infection.

After 5 years:
Your risk of developing lung cancer is cut in 1/2!

After 7-10 years:
Your risk of developing lung cancer drops to that of a nonsmoker!
Your risk of developing other cancers decreases!

Those are impressive scientific changes that are dramatic! During a stressful time such as giving up an addiction, we have to boost our immune system with extra nutrients so our body can heal itself! You can do it! Say this...." I WANNA LIVE!!"
Oh yeah, guess what?? Having just one cigarette and the process starts ALL over! Oh darn!

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